We would like to introduce you to Boris Du Bois who started as a Service Delivery Manager with Abano this week.

What does Boris say about himself:

👉 Who is Boris?
As a professional, I focus on being pragmatic and efficient. With almost 25 years of experience in IT, working with customers, I also understand that black and white are mostly 50 shades of grey. I try to approach complex problems with pragmatism, and focus on the task at hand. I aim for efficiency by attending meetings where I have an added value. I enjoy teaching and probably even more to be teachable. It is a nice example of the balance I try to keep in life.

👉 What do you like about the job as a Service Delivery Manager?
As a Service delivery manager, we mostly come into play after that sale. On the one hand we have the challenge of making it happen. On the other hand though, the intensity of implementing projects allows us to build an intimate relationship with customers, digging deep into their requirements and challenges. Ultimately, we also get to see the result and satisfaction of a successful implementation.

👉 Why Abano and affiliates?
At Abano, I feel the vibes of a scale-up while having the structure of a large corporation under the Cronos wings. Being technology-independent, while simultaneously having chosen a specific practice, allows us to have focus and thought leadership. I look forward to implementing projects that deliver state of the art ITSM solutions, bring efficiency to Devops teams, or improve help desks and service desks.

👉 What do you do in your free time?
At work I’m 100% focussed, but I try to keep in mind that we work to live. So enjoying life is equally important. For me, that translates into playing Golf a few times per month, ride my motorcycle as much as possible, skiing in winter and regularly visiting a restaurant with good friends.

Welcome Boris to the Abano team, we look forward to rocking 2024 and beyond with Abano!