We would like to introduce you to Joren Claes who started as an ITSM consultant with Abano this week.

What does Joren say about himself:

👉 Who is Joren?
Joren is a wandering troubadour of the mind, a whisperer of dreams and an architect of whimsy. In the labyrinth of existence, Joren is the seeker of hidden truths, the weaver of untold tales, and the guardian of forgotten melodies.
-> That’s what chatgpt had to say about me 😉 I think I am a pretty normal guy with a strong interest in technology and innovation 🙂

👉 What do you like about the job as an ITSM consultant?
The independence I enjoy and the sense of contributing meaningfully to another company energizes me very much.

👉 Why Abano and affiliates?
You get the buzz and the feeling a young and innovative scale-up but in the meantime you get a sense of safety and security because of the Cronos eco-system inn the background where all your needs are met and taken care. It’s like best of both worlds.

👉 What do you do in your free time?
I am a big fan of movies (Christopher Nolan is my favourite director, in case any of you where wondering), I like to game and recently I also started collecting lego’s again and the specifically everything Star Wars related.

Welcome Joren to the Abano team!