Tomorrow's Organizational Ecosystems

Transforming Organizations for the Future

Welcome to “Tomorrow’s Organizational Ecosystems: Transforming Organizations for the Future.” In this thought-provoking event, we delve into the ever-evolving landscape of organizational ecosystems and explore the transformative strategies that will shape the organizations of tomorrow.

As we stand at the forefront of technological advancements, societal shifts, and economic complexities, the need to adapt and thrive has never been more critical for organizations. “Tomorrow’s Organizational Ecosystems” offers a unique platform to discover innovative approaches and gain valuable insights into building agile, collaborative, and future-ready organizations.

Through engaging keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, and practical workshops, we bring together industry pioneers, visionaries, and thought leaders who are at the forefront of reshaping organizational paradigms. Discover how they navigate the challenges and leverage opportunities presented by disruptive technologies, changing consumer demands, and global interconnectedness.

Explore the vast spectrum of topics that shape the future of organizations, including digital transformation, disruptive business models, data-driven decision-making, ethical considerations, talent management, and organizational culture. Gain actionable strategies and best practices to optimize your organization’s performance, resilience, and sustainability in a rapidly evolving world.

Join us at “Tomorrow’s Organizational Ecosystems” to expand your network, engage in meaningful conversations, and gain invaluable insights from experts and peers alike. Together, let’s unlock the potential of our organizations, empower our workforce, and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration to thrive in the dynamic and exciting future that awaits us.

Note: The event program and speakers are subject to change. Stay tuned for updates and further details on our website.

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We are further fine-tuning the agenda for February 29th 2024:

  • 12.00: Registrations
  • 13:00: Welcome (Management @ KAB9)
  • 13.15: Keynote
  • 14.00: Sessions – Part 1
    • Speaker room 1
      • 14:00: Talk 1
      • 14:30: Talk 3
    • Speaker room 2
      • 14:00: Talk 2
      • 14:30: Talk 4
  • 15:00: Coffee break
  • 15:30: Sessions – Part 2
    • Speaker room 1
      • 15:30: Talk 5
      • 16:00: Talk 7
    • Speaker room 2
      • 15:30: Talk 6
      • 16:00: Talk 8
  • 16:30: Coffee break
  • 17:00: Sessions – Part 3
    • Speaker room 1
      • 17:00: Talk 9
      • 17:30: Talk 11
    • Speaker room 2
      • 17:00: Talk 10
      • 17:30: Talk 12
  • 18:00: Networking with snacks & drinks

We would be delighted if you can be part of this unique journey….

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Seats are limited